Lone Star Black Belt Academy Reviews

muay thai kickboxing watauga

Awesome staff! My son loves it here and Master Jackson does a great job teaching not only martial arts, but important moral lessons (anti-bullying, etc) too.

Brandon Clay

muay thai kickboxing watauga

Mr. Jackson and his team are outstanding with the kids and truly care about there students. Between their dedication and the wonderful parents this school definitely feels like a family!

Rick Landeck

muay thai kickboxing watauga

Greatest in instruction and instructors in a family atmosphere when you want to learn self defense and get in shape.

Bob N.

muay thai kickboxing watauga

I appreciate the rapport that Mr Jackson and his staff maintains with his students.

Richard Landeck

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

My son Cameron has become such an amazing child and I definitely think this place helped!!!! I encourage all parents to try this amazing facility especially if your child gets bullied at school or has discipline issues!!! Mr. Jackson is so incredible with all his students and has so much patience with them. All of the staff is so friendly. Lone Star Black Belt was the best choice we have made with our son!!!

Crystal Blakely

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

The instructors are the best around. My kids love them just like family. I tell everyone what I think about them all the time. If there is a place to take your child/children to learn about self defense, this would be the place to do it.

Sylvia Chandler

Mr. Jackson has patience that is enviable to anyone who works with children, classes are tough but not too intimidating for new children- expectations are very high as is level of respect that is required. My son is not only learning martial arts but he is also learning to be respectful, honest and disciplined among many other traits children today need. Thank you LSBBA!!!

Gerri Rubright

I start with the most basic moves that will allow my body and mind to develop the ability to perform great kickboxing moves l learn how to use my arms and legs to kick box, it's the perfect workout to get in shape & stay in shape, kickboxing is a terrific way for me to burn calories

Manal Ahmed

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

The atmosphere & kids at LSBBA are just so great; plus the motivation speeches & life lessons from Mr. Jackson are great for everyone!

Christy Ngo

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

Sensei Steven Jackson´╗┐ is a wonderful caring instructor, who believes in teaching quality martial arts to promote the positive values and benefits that it has to offer. I would highly recommend you enroll your child in the Lone Star Black Belt Academy today.

William Shelton

Kids Martial Arts Watauga

This is one of the best decision I have ever made by joimg the best team known as Lone Star Black Belt Academy.

Mady Krever

Kids Martial Arts Watauga

Mr. Jackson nails it with his attitude and approach with the kids. Positive reinforcement but firm when needed. Highly recommended!!!

Rick Spencer

Kids Martial Arts Watauga

I have enjoyed this place since the moment I first walked in.

David Ward

Kids Martial Arts Watauga

Bringing our son here is easily one of the best decisions our family has ever made.

Jason Mitchell

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

Wonderful, funny instruction! Genuine care for each student to achieve their best!

Jodie Lipscomb

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

Sensei Jackson is the best.

Bee Friday

brazilian jiu jitsu watauga

LSBBA is the bomb.com!

Jennifer Whitten

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